Under the Magnifying Glass: The Botanic Hill Detectives

On February 1, 2020, the world was introduced to four new heroes and role models, the Botanic Hill detectives: twins Lanny and Lexi Wyatt, and their best friends Moki Kalani and Rani Kumar.

These two girls and two boys, forever thirteen, are anxious to meet you, too.

Their maturity and good manners don’t prevent them from mixing it up with the bad guys. In fact, those qualities are what make them so good at what they do, which is outsmarting the crooks!

Please read Book 1, Nutmeg Street: Egyptian Secrets, their first mystery, and help them solve this difficult case. Follow that with Book 2, Eucalyptus Street: Green Curse; and, Book 3, Walnut Street: Phantom Rider. And Book 4, Saffron Street: Island Danger, releases on October 11, 2022, from Quince Street Press.

But be warned. Action, adventure, and danger await!