June 10, 2024


Exciting news!

Today, the Botanic Hill Detectives Mysteries Book 6, Upas Street: Shocking Specter, went to the formatter!

I never tire of getting back the formatted Word Doc and PDF copies, which will happen soon. Seeing my creation for the first time as readers will is always a thrill. The book is due for release on October 1. I hope you are looking forward to reading it finally, come this fall–if you dare enter Dr. Frankenstein’s la-BOR-a-tree!

In addition, I have contracted with Silver Dagger Book Tours for October 15-29. This is a virtual event where bloggers spread the word about Upas Street: Shocking Specter to their readers for those two weeks.

Owner, Maia Gomez, asked me to invite others, so if you have a FaceBook page, are a blogger, or a Bookstagrammer, and would like to participate in the tour, here is the SIGN-UP LINK. Participants get to read my Book 6 for free. And I am holding a Giveaway during the Tour for a free, signed and personalized paperback copy of the book and a matching bookmark.

I hope you’ll join the fun while helping the other Tour participants and me spread the word about the newest edition to the series! Thanks in advance.

(Photo Credits: Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, and Castle images from commons.wikimedia.org and are public domain; lightning photo from Melody on unsplash.com)

May 7, 2024

What a delightful afternoon today spent with fourteen fourth graders at St. Katharine Drexel Academy in San Diego, CA!

Thank you, students and teacher Mrs. Kim Kramer, for inviting me for an author visit following your reading my Book 1, Nutmeg Street: Egyptian Secrets, together.

I talked about how I became a writer, what did and continues to inspire me, and my process to produce a book a year. I also conducted a “pop quiz” on the book with the students demonstrating how well they comprehended the story.

Once again, kids amaze me, this time with their continuing “thick” questions about the characters, plot, and my writing process. And as usual, today there were lots of questions about my “superpower,” lexical-gustatory synesthesia!

At the end of my visit, they presented me with the gift of a travel cup with the school’s logo!

The world is in good hands with these students. Thanks again, all of you, for inviting me.

April 16, 2024

I was blessed with another school author visit, this time in person at Holmes Elementary School in San Diego, CA.

You may remember Oliver J. from last month’s Events. He read my Nutmeg Street: Egyptian Secrets and did his cereal box book report on it.

I had so much fun meeting him, his second- and third-grade classmates, their teacher, Ms. Pope, and seeing their cereal box book reports up close!

The students were so bright and did their part to complete a “create a detective” activity I led. I couldn’t stump them with my riddles, and they asked advanced questions.

I received lovely thank-you letters from the students! They displayed many language arts skills, and the kids’ gratitude was heartwarming. There are certainly current and future authors in this class!

What a successful, fun hour! Thanks, Oliver’s mom for facilitating this visit, Ms. Pope for inviting me, Oliver for reading my book and choosing to use it for your book report, and all your classmates. Keep reading, everyone!

(Photos by Ms. Pope and the Author)










April 9, 2024

I was thrilled today to return to the fifth-grade classroom of one of my biggest teacher fans, Ms. Alfano from Shoemaker Elementary School in Macungie, PA. This was my fourth virtual school author visit in three years to her room!

What a smart group of students. They had read my Jacaranda Street: Gravestone Image, and had lots of excellent questions for me. We also talked about my character Rani Kumar’s and my mental superpower, lexical-gustatory synesthesia. I had sent their teacher a list of what their names made Rani and me taste or smell.

You might remember the girl standing at the screen, asking me a question. It’s Elise from a previous Event post where she was holding one of my books.

I received some lovely gifts from the teacher and students: a beautiful author nameplate, a sweet note, and an adorable Get a Clue bag. So thoughtful!

Thank you to Ms. Alfano, her teaching partner Ms. Beky, and all their amazing students! I had a wonderful time. I think all of them did, too.

(Photos by Ms. Beky and the Author)















March 26, 2024

Good news! I have the honor of doing an Author Takeover on Facebook’s “Cozy Mystery Party” site on Tuesday, March 26.

Please tune in at 5 p.m., PT, for this fun, fast-paced question-and-answer format event! I will be talking about my Botanic Hill Detectives Mysteries, Books 1-5, and introducing Book 6, which releases this fall.

To participate, you must first request to join HERE. It’s easy, and you’ll enjoy this friendly group of cozy mystery writers and readers!

Thanks, Heather Doyle Harrisson, site admin, for the invitation.

I hope you see all of you there!

March 25, 2024

A round of applause for “Oliver J.,” third grader at Holmes Elementary School in San Diego, California!

Oliver’s mother informed me that Oliver not only read my Nutmeg Street: Egyptian Secrets, but used it to inspire his cereal-box book report!

Awesome, Oliver! And I look forward to meeting you and your classmates at your school during my author visit on April 16.

Thanks so much, Oliver and his mom, and keep on reading!

(Photo by Oliver’s Mom)

March 3 through 9, 2024

Ebook readers, here comes Smashwords.com’s  “Read an Ebook Week Sale,” from March 3 through 9.

All five of my Botanic Hill Detectives Mysteries ebooks will be on sale for 75% off for that week!

You can purchase my Books 1, 2, and 3 for only $1.00 each; Book 4 for only $1.25; and, Book 5 for only $1.50 by clicking HERE starting March 3. Look for the Sale. Then, click on “Children’s Books” under the “Fiction” category. My books will be in the 75% off section.

Here’s your chance to get caught up with the detectives before Book 6 launches this coming fall. Thank you!

(Graphic Credit: smashwords.com)

February 7 and 9, 2024


Thank you, Ms. Mary Kaplan, Ms. Hannah Wang, and your third graders at Oak View Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland; and, Ms. Becky Swanson, Ms. Buka Akiti, and your fifth graders at Prospect School in Clarendon Hills, Illinois, for inviting me into your media centers to read to the students for World Read Aloud Day (WRAD)!

I enjoyed meeting the students, reading aloud from my Botanic Hill Detectives Mysteries series, and answering the kids’ questions.

I hope to see you again next year for WRAD. And you other educators and students, too!

(Graphics Credits:  Books Ad by Sherrill Joseph. WRAD Ad by litworld.org)

January 26, 2024


Please meet my newest fan, vivacious fifth grader Elise D., from an elementary school in Pennsylvania. Welcome, Elise!

Elise’s teacher, Ms. Stacy Alfano, took this fabulous photo in their classroom of Elise holding my Book 5, Jacaranda Street: Gravestone Image, that she had finished reading.

Here is what Elise said about Jacaranda Street: “I loved the cliffhangers, and it made me want to read past my bedtime! The storyline is great, and kids will enjoy reading about other kids who are detectives!”

Thanks so much, Elise, for your kind words. And I love your smile! Perhaps it means that you plan to read more of my books??? I know Ms. Alfano is going to read Book 5 aloud to the Students soon. (Book 6 releases in Fall 2024.)

Thank you so much, Ms. Alfano, Elise, and Students. Keep reading, writing, and smiling! I hope to see you SOON for a virtual author visit.

All kids and educators, I encourage you to subscribe to this newsletter so you can keep updated on the detectives’ and my shenanigans. To do so, please click HERE, or copy and paste the address into your browser: https://sherrilljoseph.com/newsletter.

***And kids, do YOU want to appear in my newsletter as Elise did? Please talk to an adult. Ask them politely to email me a photo of you holding one of my books and the information you would like to share about it to   mysteryshewrote7@gmail.com.  Thanks!


Save the Date! February 7, 2024. Sign Up NOW!

Librarians, Teachers, and those who love them,

I am excited to announce that I will be participating for the first time in the upcoming World Read Aloud Day on February 7, 2024.

If you are a librarian, or a teacher in grades 3, 4, or 5, participating in WRAD, I would love to visit virtually that day to meet your students and read aloud from one of my Botanic Hill Detectives Mysteries!

If you need official information about WRAD 2024, please click HERE, or go to the organizer’s site at https://www.litworld.org/worldreadaloudday.

Would you like to register to participate in WRAD 2024? Please click HERE.

Then, download the twenty-six page classroom ACTIVITY PACKET, loaded with lessons and crafts to help you and your students prepare and participate fully in the big event!

Finally, interested in scheduling me for WRAD 2024? Please contact meHERE to book your classroom’s slot for my virtual visit. Note: Please provide me with your grade level, the time of day, including your location and TIME ZONE, and the duration of my visit (15 minutes?) that you are requesting. I will get back to you ASAP! (I am in Southern California in the Pacific Time Zone.)

Here are some research-based important reasons (explained on page 1 of the WRAD Activity Packet) out of the University of Melbourne to read aloud to children:

  • Reading Aloud at home and at school is one of the best ways to help children develop literacy skills.
  • Reading Aloud helps us share stories.
  • Reading Aloud helps us build community.

So, won’t you please help fill up my calendar? I hope to spend WRAD, February 7, 2024, visiting classrooms around the world! And please tag the event on Social Media with hashtag #WorldReadAloudDay.

(Graphic by Sherrill Joseph)